The Security Lab is a part of the Computer Science Department at Stanford University. Research projects in the group focus on various aspects of network and computer security.


  • CS142: Web Programming and Security
  • CS155: Computer and Network Security
  • CS255: Introduction to Cryptography and Computer Security
  • CS259: Security Analysis of Network Protocols
  • CS355: Topics in Cryptography
  • CS99J: Sophomore seminar: Computer Security and Privacy
  • CS55N: Freshman seminar: Ten Ideas in Computer Security and Cryptography


  • The Stanford Security Seminar focuses on communication between Stanford and the outside world about computer security. The symposia are open to the public and are generally accessible and interesting to experts and laypeople alike.
  • Security Lunch focuses on communication with between students in the security lab and stuents in related research groups. Typically a student gives a technical presentation about his or her current research.

Current Projects

  • Crypto: Security of cryptographic primitives and protocols
  • Protocols: Analyzing security properties of network protocols
  • Web Security: Protecting browsers from online threats
  • PORTIA: Managing sensitive information in a wired world
  • TRUST: The team for research in ubiquitous secure technology
  • ACCURATE: Secure voting